BChamp Consulting offers custom-built solutions using proven methodologies to help clients achieve their business objectives by leveraging our expertise to build systems and processes to attract and develop great people.


  1. Talent Blueprint
  • Strategy – understanding your business strategy and the context of your business environment
  • Assessment – identify what knowledge, skills and abilities leaders need to be successful, and what behaviors are most important to drive the values of your organization
  • Culture – a culture audit on your core values and key behaviors to ensure you have created a North Star for your team
  • Organizational structure – creating clarity around roles and responsibilities and reinforcing effective communication
  • Development – design an agile leadership development approach that develops leaders for the business, not for specific positions, and within the context of your environment

2. Building High-Performing Teams

All of us are part of a team in our organizations, and most of us belong to more than one team.  In order to be a    high-performing team it is important to build trust, define conflict, build commitment, create accountability in order to drive results.  We use a proven process to build teams that are effective and results oriented.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin